Virginia-Highland Summerfest 2016

Outdoor Show Season

By: Mattie Cannon

Jamie Calkin is a well-known Athens artist and has slowly been branching out into other parts of the country. He has painted a plethora of other cities, landmarks and college towns.

Recently, he has been venturing out into the Atlanta area. He has had coffee shop shows and participates in outdoor shows. Just last weekend, he attended the Virginia-Highland Summerfest. Check out a Q. and A. below on his thoughts from the festival. 

Q. What about the Virginia-Highland Summerfest appeals to you?

A. The quality of the artists' are great, and it's a serious crowd that's also having fun. (There's also great kettle corn!) 

Q. What have you learned from outdoor shows?

A. I think the displays of my commissioned artwork and event art has really helped generate interest because they're some of the most special things I do.

Q. What's an ongoing lesson for you?

A. I think my booth arrangement and what makes the booth walls eye-catching is still an exciting challenge for me. It's also a challenge to keep a positive attitude in the face of bad weather, and the added pressure I give myself with high expectations.

Q. What's something you've learned that others can take away?

A. Know your strengths and weaknesses and be accepting of them. There's a certain audience for every artist and knowing yours is key.

A Piece of Advice Jamie Keeps in His Back Pocket:

Virginia-Highland summerfest is a perfect example of 'be smart about who you listen to.' I've had great, positive people enter my booth and some not so positive. Keep yourself upbeat!