Big Hearts with ESP

Extra Special People is known for the love and encouragement they pour into their community. For Jamie, being able to witness that love has been an incredible experience.


Jamie has become part of the ESP community through his work as an artist. He painted a mural outside of their community center in Watkinsville and live painted the Big Hearts Pageant in February.


While doing art for ESP, Jamie said he has been particularly touched by the passion and dedication the leaders of the community have to loving their children.


“As a parent, it’s the best thing in the world to watch your child get loved on. We all feel like those kids don’t get it enough sometimes, or get hurt, and so that just adds to it.”


Throughout the pageant, people of all ages performed their talent for a supportive audience that sold out the Classic Center in Athens. Jamie said he believes God working in the ESP community.


“To me it’s very easy to go to God talk. And I don’t do that, hopefully too much, but I mean that’s God working in that, because it’s so positive,” Jamie said. “So to try to recreate that in a picture, it’s very motivating.”


The Big Hearts Pageant created a kind of energy that moved through the crowd and took the audience through many emotions. Several times, the hosts talked about tears and the overwhelming emotion that comes with witnessing such a wholesome event.


“To watch a lot of young people, people in their 20s who don’t have kids themselves, to see them loving on other people’s children was just, wow,” Jamie said. “They talked a lot about tears, and I went to that place, I got very weepy and could’ve gone all out because it’s just positive.”


As one of Jamie’s interns, I was able to witness just how incredible the ESP community is. I received a warm welcome at the pageant, and the same level of enthusiasm and encouragement from guests that Jamie did.


The support the ESP community has for each other touched Jamie. He said the excitement everyone has for what he’s doing seems to make the stress of his job go away.


“It’s a lot of pressure to think of something that’s Godly, to try to recreate that on a canvas or paper, but they make it easy to try-- which I guess is what they do for the kids, and the adults.”