Athfest 2019 Roundup

Another summer, another booth at Athfest! It was a great experience, as always. AND it didn’t rain this year! Incredible!


Last year, I had a poster of my highlights from the past year and I loved having a big print out of my year in review. So we did it again this year! Here is the catch-up poster I hung in my booth to share some important experiences-

So now you’re all caught up! If you’d like to take another look at those t-shirts, they are for sale HERE

As for Athfest itself, here’s a little bit of insider information- I got to try out my secret flash sale tactic again for a few hours on Sunday morning where I sell prints and originals for $10-20. I like to give everyone, college students especially, a chance to own some of my art at a lower price, so this is their chance! I’ll probably do this again next year, so keep your eyes on my social media during Athfest 2020 (:

Every year I paint a rendition of Athfest (here’s last year’s as a reminder- it was a good one! I even sold prints of it!) This year’s is still in progress, but here is the ink outlining to get an idea!


I’ll be sure to add the final product to this blog post when I’m done!

See ya at Athfest 2020!