Live Event Art

I love to paint in front of people and I love to talk while I paint. It's always really exciting for guests of the event to get to see multiple paintings progress, which is possible because of my fast style. This also allows me to render different scenes during a birthday, tailgate, party, anniversary, wedding, etc... And, when I do events here in Athens, guests appreciate getting to meet a well-known local artist. 

When it comes to weddings, I work closely with the bride and family to capture these special moments. I see myself like a wedding photographer in that I capture the moment, but I also entertain through my painting and conversation.  

A wedding at the Georgia Theatre from March 2017

Piedmont Ball at Piedmont Driving Club, Atlanta, GA

“Thank you so much for painting our wedding. Your talent is just amazing and I love seeing our one-of-a-kind wedding picture everyday above our mantle. The other paintings have also brought Micah and I much joy. What a priceless treasure to have our special day captured as beautiful artwork.” Amber Lovette

Video by Paige Marogil.

Live Event Package

Cost of Package: $1,200+

●      Jamie arrives an hour before the ceremony and will be on site for 4 hours.  

●     11” x 14” stretched canvas original painting of a scene chosen by the client.

●      Two 7.5” x 11” original studies on Fabiano hot press 140 lb paper.

●      Paper studies will be floated (matted) upon delivery to client.

●     One Year Anniversary custom painting on Fabiano hot press 140 lb paper offered at a half off price, up to an 11” x 15” floated on a 16” x 20” mat.

●         Questions and conversation from guests are welcomed, as Jamie loves to talk while he paints.

 ●        Can choose to upsize from 11x14" canvas to a 16x20" canvas for $1,500.

**Travel Fee: .50/mile if event is more than 30 miles outside of Athens, GA. Additional travel costs vary if event is greater than 90 miles from Athens, GA.**

Has your special event already passed? Consider a commission!

@sweettsheavensentfarm on Instagram shares her testimonial: "Jamie did all three of my children's weddings from my favorite photographs- they are treasures to me"

You can submit a photo for me to paint, after the fact! It's never too late to capture your once-in-a-lifetime moment.