What is a "giclee" print? 

“Giclee” refers to a printmaking process for fine art digital prints made on inkjet printers. Basically, these prints are high quality and professional grade!

How long do commissions take?

Of course it depends on the nature of the project, but you will typically receive your commission within two weeks. I am able to work with whatever deadline you require!

Where can I buy your prints in person?

Some pieces/ prints are available for purchase at Lexington Vintage, Athens Art & Frame, Aurum Studios Ltd., and The Athens Welcome Center. Here is a map with these locations!

If you are in Athens and want to avoid shipping fees, you can always order online and select to pick up from my studio at check out! 

Great question, and thank you for wondering! I am still trying to answer this question thoroughly. Here is a map with what I can remember so far!

Where can I find your work featured around Athens? 

Like all self-taught artists, my work doesn't fit neatly into categories or labels. Here's some words I like to hear about my work...vibrant, loose, expressionist, street art, cityscapes, local, ink and watercolor, bold, unique, colorful. My work is probably closest to that of Raoul Dufy.

How would you describe your style?